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Beyond - The - Wall - made- of - Pines by pumpkabooo

OKay firstly IDK what the heck the star rating things are supposed to be for so those are just my interpretations of them. Now onto the actual critique thingy.
I like what you did with the whole lighting and everything, my one issue is that some areas (ie the back leg facing the viewer) is lit up a fair bit, while the scruff isn't. It's kind of hard to tell where the actual source of light is coming from. Sometimes it looks like the top, sometimes it looks like the left...
Two other little things from my opinion are the ear could use a bit more separation from the neck (it just kind of looks like it's running along the neck? IDK how to put it properly...)
Last thing would be the muzzle seems a bit too pointy to me, it seems between a dog's and a cats. Lastlast thing is the back paw facing the observer looks a bit twisted. Okay, complaints out of the way.

Good stuff: ... everything else. XD I really like what you did with the eye, the way you did the lines and stripes is great, for the most part the shadowing is good (though I'd suggest making the whole thing maybe a tad darker), the background is neat, I especially like the little details you put in the sky. (it's a lot easier to write more about complaints than about positive stuff for art, but just because I went on in complaints doesn't mean that I think this is bad. In fact, i think its really really really good.)

All in all, you've improved a lot for sure. Keep up the great work!
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